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Logging Industry | Rock Hill, SC

The logging industry is a crucial part of the economy in many regions, providing jobs and resources for countless communities. However, the process of harvesting timber can be dangerous and challenging. It involves cutting down trees, transporting them to a sawmill, and then processing the timber into usable lumber. To ensure the safety of workers and maximize efficiency, companies have turned to technology to streamline the process. That's where the logging industry in Rock Hill, SC comes in.

Logging Industry, Alta X drone

We were able to be a part of documenting this process through the use of our drones. Liam Kyle Films produced a documentary showing the crew and their steps behind this process.

Logging Industry, drone op

In Rock Hill, SC, a logging company, Ideal Logging has been in the logging industry for three generations. It was a great watching these hard workers use their heavy machinery to cut down and move timber to be transported to the sawmill for processing.

We filmed with two different drones. We used our Alta X heavy lifter and flew our Red Scarlet-W cinema camera. This drone allows us to use cinema lenses at various focal lengths to create the cinematic shots found in feature films.

Logging Industry, fpv drone, vidmuze

We also used our FPV (first person view) drones to capture a faster feel of the logging action.

Logging Industry, Rock Hill, SC

We filmed at two locations in Rock Hill, SC. The first location was at first light, to capture golden hour lighting. This was on site, off of a logging road.

The second location was at the sawmill. This was my favorite location for sure. It was a drone pilot’s paradise! Such a large location, with so many industrial machinery and we were able to fly as close as we needed to capture the cinematic shot.

It was great working with Liam Kyle Films on this project. Be sure to check out their other work.

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