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Mike Gentilini, Jr. | Cinematographer

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Hey, I'm Mike with VidMuze!  I'm based in Asheville, NC and have been working in the Film/TV industry for over 20 years as a cinematographer.  I'm a ICG 600 operator and my passion is camera movement. 


I founded VidMuze Cinema in 2011 and we specialize in camera movement platforms.  My team and I travel all over the country providing cinematic camera moves for feature films, episodic, commercials, narratives and music videos.  I'm very passionate about my work!

When off set, I enjoy family time with my wife and five kids.


 My team provides various types of camera movement listed below.


My love for drones started back when "multi-rotors" first hit the market back in 2011.  It wasn't until my team and I built our first heavy lifter drone that carried the Red Epic, that the aerial industry started to evolve rapidly.


I've been piloting drones commercial since 2011 with 10,000+ flights.  From heavy lifters to FPV drones.  Still to this day, I'm always stoked for the next drone job!

Camera movement of the skies.  Time to get high!


I started riding motorcycles at 9 years old.  Ripping around out in the country was always a blast!  Who would have thought that many years later,  I would be able to combine my riding passion with my camera movement passion. 


This is when the VidMuze Cinebike was born.  Using the electric Surron chassis as our main frame, we have several additional custom mounts and parts to maximize camera stability and movement versatility.  

With my cinematography background, I use my camera movement skills in tandem with my riding abilities.  The end result is some pretty epic cinematography.


Mike Gentilini, Jr. | Age: 9 years old


Mike Gentilini, Jr. | Age: 39 years old


As long as I can remember, I always seemed to have an engineer's intuition.  From building drones to building arm cars, I enjoy it all.  I'm the arm operator when working our arm cars.  This is one of the several roles required to execute arm car.  My team consists of Jayson Barber, driver and Ryan Atkins, remote head operator/ 1st AC.   


From working many years together with my crew, this makes the VidMuze team effective, dialed and  safe with cinematic results.

Concert Crowd

So is being a drone pilot, a cinebike driver, and an arm op enough?  Nope!  Let's add trolley operator too.  Cable cam is just another specific camera movement platform that has it's place for the right type of shots.

I always enjoy the challenges that comes with rigging our cable cam system.  Every environment is different.  From the cliffs of the Mojave desert to huge stadiums with 30,000+ people, down to the center passage way of a 280ft tall light house.   


I started my cinematography journey at the age of 15.  With my past of being a camera op and steadicam op, becoming a gimbal op completed the ensemble.

One of my main focuses is maintaining a dialed eco system.  Being a MoVI Operator is the last piece of the puzzle that allows VidMuze to provide the most popular tools of camera movement.

We can take our MoVI camera systems and use them on the ground with our ready rig, cinebike, cable cam or arm cars.  Then we can take the same system to the skies with our heavy lifter drones.

My common phrase is, "I love my job!"  

If you would like to get in touch with me, hit me up with the link below.

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