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Harley Davidson Spot

cinebike with movi pro and hawk 65 anamorphic lenses

A Harley Davidson commercial was being shot in Charlotte, NC and the production needed some high energy shots from a moving platform that could move fast in a parking garage. Arm car was too tall, so it was time for our cinebike.

Caravan was the production company producing the spot and gave us a call. We love working with Caravan.

movi pro with hawk 65 anamorphic lenses

The remote head we always love using on our cinebike was our MoVI Pro. The challenge was, the DP wanted to use Hawk 65 Anamorphic lenses. These lenses are beautiful, but come at a cost... they are quite heavy.

So with some determination and a little counter weight, I was able to balance both 40mm and 50mm Hawk 65 anamorphic lenses. All up weight was a whopping 33.4 lbs. Each lens weighed around 9.0 lbs. These lenses were more of a challenge due to the elements are placed closer to the front of the lens. This makes them very front heavy.

Here's some nice behind the scenes footage of our cinebike in action.

The spot turned out great! Check it out.

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