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FRX Pro Review

This FRX Pro review is going to cover Freefly’s brand new signal booster for Movi Pro.

Installation was simple.  A little a double sided tape, along with a USB-C cable.  We decided to go with a slimmer and more durable cable to keep our build clean.

So we tested the FRX Pro on two tests.  The first test was in the air on our drone.  Those of you who fly the Movi Pro gimbal along with the Movi Controller (stock antennas) understand about the frequent signal drops.  Also along with the annoying limited range.  So the MoVI Pro and Movi Controller with stock antennas drops around 750 ft line of sight.  So starting right off, we decided to test the FRX Pro at double the distance, 1500 ft line of sight.  To our amazement, even at 1500 ft, the Movi Controller still showed full bars of signal strength.  No signal issues at all!

With being high on excitement, it was time for the ground test with broken line of sight.  In the past, when using the Movi Pro on the ground with stock antennas, the signal felt like it was more down then up.  So for this ground test, we really wanted to push the limits.  The ground test started with Movi Pro and Movi Controller 800 ft away from each other, with three buildings in between and about 600 ft of thick foliage.  Signal strength was between 3 and 4 bars!  Insane!

So how does the FRX Pro get such great range? It's because its running on a 900mhz band. Frequencies this low can travel great distances, but they can't carry much data info. Since the Movi Pro doesn't require much data to send control commands, it can run on 900 mhz just fine.

Freefly advertises 5,000 ft with line of sight range… and I believe them.

So to conclude, the FRX is a must for those of you using a Movi Controller.  Even with the price point of $830, the FRX Pro is well worth it!  The added bonus for us since we use integrated FIZ, this range even works with our FIZ motors.  Most separate FIZ units only get between 300 - 1500 ft LOS (line of sight).

You can order the FRX Pro through Freefly’s website here.

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