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Featured Work

Featured Work
About Mike
Mike Gentilini, Jr. - Cinematographer

Mike Gentilini, Jr. | Cinematographer


Hey, I'm Mike with VidMuze!  I'm based in Asheville, NC and have been working in the Film/TV industry for over 20 years as a cinematographer.  I'm a ICG 600 operator and my passion is camera movement.  I founded VidMuze Cinema in 2011 and we specialize in camera movement platforms.  My team and I travel all over the country providing cinematic camera moves for feature films, episodic, commercials, narratives and music videos.  I'm very passionate about my work!

When off set, I enjoy family time with my wife and five kids.

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What is camera movement?

I work with my team operating various types of moving platforms for different shots depending on what movement is required.  I work primarily as a "camera movement coordinator" on set.  My team and I work either as a 2nd unit crew or work along side the director or DP.  With my years of experience, I provide creative camera movement options to maximize artistic cinematography including camera blocking and focal length lens choices.


Our movement platforms include:

 • Arm CarsCinebikeHeavy Lifter & FPV DronesCable CamCam/MoVI Operators



About Mike

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