director_ad_filmmakingZombie College is finally finished and available for your enjoyment. So what is “Zombie College?”… I had the guys over at Learning Solutions contact me and ask if I wanted to direct a short film that would be fun and entertaining for students to learn from. After hearing that the film was focused around zombies, I was ready for anything.

I always enjoy action/thriller films, and this was right up my alley. After a months worth of preproduction, we were finally ready to shoot Zombie College. Since I was able to produce the film, I was able to hand pick my own film crew. The main part that makes a film successful is your team and how well we all play together. I had a very professional team. Everyone’s communication and group effort was what Zombie College needed to complete the production correctly. Our crew was a total of 16 people.

movie_gearAfter three days of shooting, we were in the process of starting the post production process. Yes, this is where all of the magic happens. Since we shot on Red Epic, I was definitely going to edit on Premiere Pro CS6. Why?… because Adobe can playback RED files (*.R3D) in real-time. This made slicing and dicing our footage a breeze with ease and speed. Zombie College had several shots that required CG or compositing of some sort. Having the dynamic link abilities, I was able to send footage to After Effects and add my effects, and have live previews immediately back in Premiere Pro. Joy!

Visual effects are my favorite part when editing a film. As a lot of you know, I love explosions… so naturally, we had to have a few in Zombie College. I was able to use the 4K Damage VFX Pack that we produced within house, in the film. These VFX just become really epic.

Once all of the editing was complete, it was onto scoring. After that, we put on some simple polish, and then bingo, job complete.

So there was a month of pre-production, 3 days of production and 30 days of post production. Job well done!







Zombie College | Short Film

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