Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal

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Features Include:

  • Stabilizes camera for smooth video
  • Prevents “jello” effect
  • Brushless motors
  • 2 axis pivot points
  • Supports GoPro Hero 3
  • Powers GoPro for longer recording times
  • Tilt control from radio
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  • Supported Camera – GoPro
  • GCU Input Power 3S- 6S
  • Working current (Static current: 400mA @12V) (Dynamic current: 600mA @12V)
  • Gimbal Output Power 12V~16.8V
  • Operating Temperature -10 C ~ 50C
  • Weight 230g (With GoPro)
  • Gimbal Dimensions (with Damping Unit) 99.5mm x 85.5mm x 92.75mm
  • GCU BEC Output 10A @ 12V
  • GCU Wireless Video Transmission Power 1A @ 12V
  • GCU Weight 22g
  • GCU Dimensions 42mm X 32mm X 9.3mm
  • Controlled Angle Accuracy +- 0.08 Degrees
  • Maxium Controlled Rotation Speed (Roll Axis: +- 30 degrees / second; Tilt axis: +- 130 degrees / second; Roll axis control: +- 39 degrees / second; tilt access control: -130 ~ +50 degrees / second)

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  1. I have the zenmuse 3h-2d gimbal installed on my phantom it works great except I can’t get any video output. I used my fatshark tx and my hobby king fpv both work with original cameras but I loose signal when I swap to the zenmuse video out cable, I’m using a brand new gopro 3 silver. Am I missing something or is my unit faulty?

  2. Hi I would like to have this guimbal, on my phantom but I’m affraid I wonnt be able to install it myself. Do you do this installs too??

    As well I’d like a FPV system installed…

    Let me know options and price…


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