VidMuze in Action

Since the beginning, we wanted to shoot inspiring imagery… footage that seems impossible to capture… shots that people will remember.

You can visit our aerial and camera movement website here at

VidMuze Aerial Cinema, LLC.


For VidMuze, flying cameras is our favorite way to accomplish this. Our passion is what drives us to strive toward being the best at what we do.

As filmmakers, we’re always thinking of new techniques to create fresh and exciting features in aerial cinematography. We specialize in working with long lenses and shallow depth of field, creating striking, cinematic results that stand out from the typical high and wide aerials.

But this can’t be accomplished without the right tools. We fly cinema and zoom lenses, with the ability to control focus, iris, and zoom remotely. With specialized systems, we never have to compromise image quality or artistic vision. Even our drone itself is specially designed for the precision and finesse that cinema production demands.

Since we come from the film and commercial industries, we know Directors and DPs don’t want to hear about limitations. Because of this, we provide the most flexible camera gimbals and aerial systems.


With our years of drone experience also comes camera movement expertise. We make it our business to know our gear inside and out. That includes knowing what it’s capable of, and how to translate that into the most dynamic imagery on-screen. We live and breathe aerial cinema, and our team takes complete pride in our efficiency.

Camera movement is evolving. We continue to challenge the meaning of impossible.

We can provide all of your camera movement needs including aerials, car mounts (Flow Cine – Black Arm), and cable cam.  We’re happy to help in any way we can.

We have the tools, we have the team and we have the experience… let’s capture.. your vision.

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