VidMuze Aerial Cinema | Commercial

We are a camera movement specialist company, VidMuze Aerial Cinema, LLC. I (Mike) come from the filmmaking industry. I personally have been in the TV/Film industry for over 18 years.

At VidMuze we get to use sophisticated equipment that allows us to capture some cinematic and stunning footage.  

We use heavy lifter drones, cable cams, black arms and ground gimbals.  The center focus of our eco system is our 3 axis gimbal, the MoVI Pro.  This gimbal allows us to mount cinematic cameras and lenses.  Then when we move the camera and the MoVI Pro removes all unwanted movement.  We then mount our MoVI Pro on various types of gear depending on the type of movement the shot requires.  

For example, we can mount our Red Scartlet-Weapon camera along with cinema glass on our MoVI and then mount the gimbal on our heavy lifter drone.  Flying cinematic cameras along with long focal length lenses really provides us cinematic freedom.  We even have control over depth of field remotely, furthering more creativity.

We’ll take the same gimbal setup and mount it on our black arm.  The Flowcine black arm is a vertical stabilizer that removes unwanted up and down movements when using a vehicle or even boat.  This system gives us a whole new array of precision and movement.  This is great for tracking other vehicles or even talent from a moving vehicle.

Then when we’re done with the black arm, we can mount the MoVI to our cable cam.  Cable cams are great to use when we need precise movement from point A to point B.  This could be over a group of people, in the woods where a drone could not fly.  Many possibilities.  Even live events are great to use with our cable cam.

Then finally, when the shot requires us to be even more precise and closer to the talent, we can switch to our ground mode and continue with our cinematic shots.

One of our team’s key benefits is that we are all trained and certified with our gear.  Our efficiency on set keeps production moving and clients happy.  

We have a customized camera movement truck where we house our gear that we drive all over the country.  The fact that we drive everywhere is another inviting factor for producers because of the budget savings on airfare and car rentals.  Depending on the final destination, we can save production up to 3x times the cost on airfare and renting vehicles.  Our truck includes everything we need, along with backup gear and the tools needed to ensure we provide our clients what they need.

You can view our demo reel on our website at  

If you have questions or would like to book us for your next production, you can email us at or just give us a call, 828-338-9797.

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