The other day we installed the new vibration dampening kit for the S800. This kit basically isolates the S800’s body from the H-frame and IMU (inertial measuring unit). Most all S800s were having flying issues, mainly because the IMU was first installed inside the S800 body, therefore making it very vulnerable to vibrations created from any “off balanced” props and or motors. As you can image, all of the vibrations would confuse the IMU and would give pilots bad flight experiences.

Now that the IMU is mounted firmly on the H-frame and the fact that there are 6 rubber vibration dampeners between the S800 body and H-frame… there isn’t any more vibrations on the IMU.

So we went out today and flew twice. Both flights were great! The S800 flies so much smoother and calmer. We’re now up to 45 flights!

Another huge bonus is, now that the IMU is vibration free… along with the dampeners isolating the H-frame, our video footage is even smoother then before! This make us filmmakers super stoked!

Vibration Dampening Kit for S800


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