Use a Jetpack with Red Weapon On MoVI

There are a lot of reasons why you need to use a Jetpack module with a Red Weapon camera on a MoVI gimbal. Here are three of the more important reasons.

  1. Snagging Cables. When using the I/O module, all of the cables plug straight in horizontally. This takes up more rear space and limits you to only mounting lighter lenses on the Red. Not to mention if you have an M10, you won’t be able to fit the red without the Jetpack due to the shorter horizontal tubes. You can mount the I/O module with a MoVI M15, but the horizontal tubes will be need to be almost fully extended. The other issue you’re going to have is if you choose to use a lemo to d-tap power cable, the right angle is going to hit the horizontal bar. You’ll actually need to slightly modify the cable and bend it up and out of the way. This is obviously going to strain the cable over time and will risk of a cable failure.
  2. Inertia. Now because these cables are pointed straight back, you’ll need to keep the camera mounted more forward to prevent the cables from snagging on the roll bar. This is going to increase inertia, which will result your camera from being the most stable on a drone while in the air.
  3. Weight. The I/O module weights 1.0 lbs, where as the Jetpack weighs in at 1/2 lbs. On a drone, every little bit of a weight savings helps.

So by using the Jetpack, as you can see the cables fit well while being aimed downward. This allows for the camera to mounted on both the M10 and M15 gimbals. Now you will need to use a straight 4 pin lemo power cable. The right angles will not fit at all.

The Jetpack allows you to slide the horizontal bars back to allow for less inertia, which will allow for better stability in the air, especially when flying fast with those profile shots on a drone.

Then lastly, being able to fly 1/2 lbs lighter, will allow for slightly longer flight times or heavier lenses to equal the original weight with the I/O module.

Now as a lot of you will know Freefly has launched their MoVI Pro, which has replaced the M10 and M15. We’re in the process of getting our own MoVI Pro soon and are looking forward to showing you all what it can do.

Those of you who are in the market for purchasing a drone or gimbal gear, feel free to head on over to our online store.

If you have any questions, go ahead the comment below. If there are other types of videos you’d like to see from us, give us your thoughts below as well. It’s always good to hear from our viewers.

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