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It’s always an art when balancing a gimbal.  If you’re like me, you take it very seriously.  When mounting heavy cameras with heavy cinema lenses, we always had to use the dreaded counter weights to full balance our camera packages correctly.  This added more bulk and weight to the rig.  If you’re into heavy lifter drones like us, this extra weight will cost you minutes of flight time.  Bad all the way around!

Ignite Digi designed tilt offsets for MoVI gimbals.  These offsets enable you to mount heavy camera packages without the need for counter weights.  Yes!

How do they work?  Simple… the mounts “offset” the MoVI cage away from the tilting pivot point of the gimbal, therefore shifting the overall CG (center gravity), allowing for more weight to be mounted in front of the camera body.

Let’s go over all of the benefits when using the tilt offsets on your MoVI gimbals.


  1. Heavy camera packages can be mounted without the aid of counterweights.
  2. Most camera packages will allow FIZ motors and light matte boxes with filters to be installed and balanced.
  3. The tilt offsets comes with two large clamps for locking the MoVI cage which are a lot easier to use then the traditional four small clamps.
  4. Price point is reasonable.  Costing only $324 USD plus S/H.
  5. Easy installation:  takes around 15 minutes.

Like any piece of gear, each thing has it’s negatives.  With the tilt offsets, I could only find one negative.


  1. When mounting lighter camera packages, some will not balance properly.

If you have more then one MoVI, then it’s best to have one gimbal installed with the tilt offsets and the second without for lighter camera packages.

Overall, if you are mounting Red or Alexa Mini cameras with cinema glass, the tilt offsets are a must!  Without them, you’re going to be sacrificing something; this could be a FIZ motor, a matte box, etc.  So un-profesh man!

To order Ignite Digi’s offsets, click on the link below.  Also check out their other MoVI gimbal accessories.  Amazing stuff!

Order Tilt Offsets for MoVI gimbals

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