Now some of you may be asking, “What is a gimbal and what can it do exactly?” I’m glad you asked… a gimbal is a device that can keep your camera stable and upright and will remove unwanted shaky movements that are created from you simply holding the camera. Let me be more specific…a gimbal is a powerful piece of technology that is made up of motors, batteries and a few circuit boards. The real magic happens with the IMU. The IMU or “inertial measurement unit” acts like an accelerometer, just like the one we all have in our iPhones and Android phones. The IMU basically detects movement. Once it detects movement, it sends a signal at lighting speed to the motors that are connected to 3 different axises, pan, tilt and roll. Once the motors receive the signal from the IMU, the motors will spin at various degrees in the opposite direction of the last movement the IMU detected, therefore compensating the camera’s movement. Once all the motors are working together, you will see how your camera will remain in an upright and stable position. Gimbals have become a must to have in the filming world.

Now yes, gimbals come in all shapes and forms. Some small and inexpensive, and some large and quite expensive. Most of you will know that gimbals are heavily used in the aerial cinema world. Gimbals are mounted onto multi-rotors, or some people call them “drones.” The end results are simply amazing!


We were able to review the SteadyGim3 GoPro Gimbal from

This gopro gimbal is a 3 axises gimbal and comes with a lot of slick features that allows for the best user control. We were quite pleased with the Steadygim3’s performance.

Camera Compatibility

The SteadyGim3 will allow you to mount the GoPro Hero 4, 3 and even Hero 2. Both Hero 3 and 4 can also be mounted with the LCD, however the Hero 2 can not. With the LCD mounted, you are able to preview what you’re shooting. This is obviously important so you can frame up your shot correctly.

Build Quality

The gimbal has been constructed out of think aluminum and has a very sturdy feel. The gimbal fits nicely in your hand and is not too heavy or bulky. The motors are not sealed so be mindful this gimbal is not weatherproof or waterproof. Also keep in mind that your gopro can only be mounted without it’s protective case. Not that this is a bad thing, but you will need to take extra care when using the gimbal and shooting out in the field.

Operating Modes

When using this gopro gimbal, there are 3 operating modes:

  1. Heading Lock
  2. Heading Follow
  3. Heading & Tilt Follow

Each mode allows for specific movements or locked positions that allows your footage to be more professional and this certainly gives you more freedom for creativity.


So how stable is this gopro gimbal? After testing it out in the field and even on the job, we were pleased with how stable it kept our gopro footage. Mind you, it does not remove all unwanted shakiness, but I will say it removes a good 90% of it. There’s certainly a noticeable difference between using the gimbal and holding the gopro in your bare hand.


With this gimbal aimed more towards prosumers, a lot of you should find this gimbal affordable. The price for the SteadyGim3 GoPro Gimbal is $360 USD. For a gimbal that performs this well, this is an affordable price. The gimbal will add more production value to your film productions for sure.

Pros vs. Cons

We’re always wanting to give a fair rating on the gear we review. So here’s a list of the pros and cons that we found.

[table caption=”” width=”650″ colwidth=”325|325″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”] Pros,Cons
1. Operation modes and holding techniques.,1. Gimbal does not remove all shake.
2. Can hold Hero 4… 3 and 2.,2. Gimbal will not always hold a perfect heading.
3. Improvement vs. holding gopro in your hand.,3. No hand tether.
4. Solid build quality.,4. Wire length limitations when panning.
5. Interchangeable batteries.,5. LCD viewing limitations.
6. Battery Indicator lights.,6. Not weather protected.


Overall we are pleased with the SteadyGim 3’s performance and durability. It has made a great addition to our filming gear. We love the “low-profile” or inconspicuous filming due to it’s small size. It also does great as a BTS “behind the scenes” camera.

Purchase the SteadyGim3 GoPro Gimbal.

SteadyGim3 GoPro Gimbal Review


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