Red Weapon Start/Stop with Freefly MōVI Controller


Now Freefly offers some great start and stop cables for most of your cameras including Canon C series, Black Magic Cinema, Panasonic GH4 and several more that works directly with their MōVI Controller. Now Freefly also offers a special cable for trigging Red Epic or Dragon.

red-jetpack-movi-controllerNow since Red has released their Weapon Fleet including Red Ravin, Scarlet-W, Weapon and Helium, they changed the wiring a bit on some of their different modules. What does this mean, well simply the original Red trigger cable does not work on the new Jetpack module without some simple modifications.

So what’s different about the new Reds verses the old Reds? To put it simply the sync port for triggering Red on the Jetpack module does not require 3.3 volts of power, which the MōVI Controller cable supplies to the camera… which means it won’t work. So we need to modify the trigger ribbon cable slightly.

red-sync-port-wiringNow a quick disclaimer, what we’re about to show you is what we’ve test on our own gear and it works properly. If you modify your own gear and it messes up, we’re not responsible, so tweak carefully.

Now when looking at Freefly’s Red start and stop ribbon cable (refer to video above), you’ll notice, there are six cables total and they are numbered 1-6 starting from right to left. Only two of them are actually connected to the mini lemo cable that connects to Red. The remaining 4 cables are not connected to anything so they’re not doing a darn thing. Now cables 1 and 5 are the two cables Red uses for triggering start and stop. Cable 5 delivers the 3.3 volts that we don’t need anymore. The cable that we do need is number 4 which is a “pull to ground.” Red Weapons now use ground cables for triggering when using the Jetpack modules. So all we have to do is swap cables 4 and 5.

movi-controller-red-start-stopSo very carefully with small tweezers, gently pry the plastic tabs back about 30 degrees… be careful to not snap the tabs off. Then the cables will slip right out. Next, take the tweezers and gently push the plastic tabs back down to make them flush with the other tabs.

Then careful insert cable number 5 into port number 4. Remember to check for the numbered label. Then cable number 4 goes into port number 5. Then gently tug on the cables to make sure they’re locked back into their ports securely.

So the hardware part is done, now for a few camera setting changes. Watch the video above for the exact setting changes in Red’s menu.

red-gpio-settings-start-stopNow power on the movi controller make sure your gimbal kill switch so the motors don’t engage if your camera is not mounted. Then plug in the sync cable into the sync port of red on the Jetpack. Make sure the other 3 pin cable on your start and stop cable is plugged into the Spectrum port of the MōVI Controller module on the MōVI itself. Then power the MōVI on. Now test the Red trigger button and you should have Start/Stop capabilities.

So that wraps up this tutorial. Hope you guys found it helpful. If you have other MōVI questions, feel free to me know in the comments below.

A lot of you will be happy to know that we now sell Freefly gear right here on our website, so if you’re needing to buy a MōVI gimbal, an Atla drone or a simple Red triggering cable, head on over to our Shop.


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