bg-flex-brushless-gimbalWe were able to get the Red Epic installed on the BG Flex F10 Pro gimbal yesterday and capture some test footage. We really liked how the brushless gimbal handles. After a few more tweaks, she’ll be ready for the skies.

I’m amazed at the power of the Tiger 8108 motors, along with the new 70 amp Alexmos board. They work really well together for these heavy cameras.

The Alexmos software definitely has a learning curve. But it’s like anything, once you learn it, it’s a piece of cake.

We also installed and tested a Canon 7D on the gimbal. It was very smooth as well. Even when we shot at 70mm, the footage was not shaky. Very impressive.

brushless-gimbal-red-epicThe main problem when running handheld with the brushless gimbal is keeping your arm(s) more loose. You still need to treat things with finesse. The shot possibilities are endless. We have so many ideas where to use this amazing piece of technology.

Now, lets talk about the weight. The brushless gimbal fully loaded with no camera weighs close to 6 lbs. Then add a 3 pound DSLR, and you’re at a whopping 9 lbs. Put a Red Epic on there, and you’re pushing 14 lbs. This is a pretty hefty payload when flying on a multi rotor.

red-epic-gimbalSo running on the ground with a 10 pound hunk of carbon fiber, plastic and metal all day… sounds exhausting? Yes, at first it is. After running gimbal all day, you will definitely be feeling it in the morning. But it is something you can work up to. Some guys have been using easy rigs to support the bulk of the weight of the brushless gimbal, but I find this really limits the different heights and angles you can get.

Over all, we’re really pleased with the performance and stability of the brushless gimbal. So where can you buy one and for how much.

The guys over at Brushless Gimbals can build you one. The price as of now is about $5600 depending on all of the extras you decide to go with. Now this gimbal will support the heavy Red Epic, along with everything else down to a DSLR. This is a really good deal when you consider the price of the MOVI coming in a whopping $15,000!

steady-video-footage-gimbalConclusion: I know more and more studios are going to be supplying brushless gimbals over time, however the learning curve is going to chase some people. I know eventually these gimbals will become more simplified, and there won’t be the challenge of balancing the camera, along with tweaking the software to send the proper power and torque to the motors. This tweaking phase can be exhausting and for some, frustrating.

If I were you, I’d still jump on the band wagon! The footage you can capture is stunning, stable and fresh.




Red Epic Footage on Brushless Gimbal | BG Flex F10 Pro


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