I recently produced this action / sci-fi short film to try and inspire other film makers. I love watching action / sci-fi movies, so I thought, let’s make one.

Pulse came to mind after watching the movie Chronicle (2012). I wanted to make something with similar effects from Chronicle, but with my own twist on it.

I was able to have a a lot of my filmmaker buddies help out with the making of Pulse. There were 16 guys on crew. We shot everything in one day.

Then I took about 75 hours, give or take, during the post production process. Anything from creating and filming special effects plates, to creating cg visual effects, to recording sound effects to recording ADR. This stuff is what I love.

The effects were the important part of this film. Explosions, grenades, guns and muzzle flashes. What more could you possible want in a movie? I also wanted to put my actors to the test with a torture scene. Having some intense moments during a film is a must to keep your audience engaged.

I’ll be planning on releasing a few “behind the scenes” videos over the next several weeks showing how we made Pulse.

If anyone has any questions, hit me up!




Pulse | Action Short Film



  • jacky


    How did you manage to keep the graininess in check? I find that when I shoot any night scenes on my 7D, with shutter speed 50 (to match the 24fps), f2-2.8 (so I don’t get the nose in focus and eyes out of focus), I’d often bump up the ISO to 3200 or 6400 and parts of the shadow areas always have the sparkly coloured grain.

    Sometimes I use neatvideo on Prem Pro to fix, but it’s not always doable as it needs a spot of medium brightness to analyse…


    • Mike

      It’s all about lighting. I shot everything at ISO 640, (I never go over 800 due to noise), and F2.8-F4.0. The idea is to light your scene a lot, but still control the lighting. Then you’ll have more exposure variables to play with.

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  • Eduardo Torres

    It has excellent production values. I’d like to see discussed some scenes VFX breakdown and how them were composited. Please keep inspiring others with your work. Congratulations to you and the crew how participated in this short film.

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