Power SDI to HDMI Converter with MoVI Pro

So when flying a camera on your heavy lifter drone, the camera is going to have one of two video outputs.

Either HDMI or SDI.  Now you need to make sure that your HD downlink system is compatible with the output of your camera.

We have been very happy with the Connex systems, however this downlink only supports HDMI.  So anytime we fly Arri Alexa Mini or Black Magic cameras, we need to convert the SDI output signal to HDMI, since bother of these cameras do not support HDMI outputs.

Black Magic actually makes a small and light weight SDI to HDMI converter for only $85 dollars.  Our good friends over at Atomic Imaging sell the converter.  You can purchase it through them here.

The Black Magic converter requires 5 volts of DC power to work.  Freefly was kind enough to include a USB-C port on the MoVI Pro (next to the FIZ inputs), that delivers the 5 volts output that’s needed.  This is great for two reasons:

  1. You can run the converter directly off MoVI Pro which saves you from having to install other batteries on board the gimbal.
  2. The MoVI Pro regulates the power to 5 volts for you, so there’s no need for a regulator.

Be mindful, the Black Magic converter does not have an internal regulator, so if you were to power it with more then just 5 volts, you will fry the unit.

Do to the light weight and small size of the converter, you can easily mount it to the MoVI Pro without any issues.  Simply use bongo ties or wire ties to secure the converter to the MoVI’s cage.  Remember to have all of your wires connected before balancing the MoVI.  Also, it’s good to have several USB-C to Micro USB cables on hand in case one breaks.

Hope this video tip was helpful.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to type them below.

Thanks for watching!


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