"RED ONE"Instead of talking about a specific part of production I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about what VidMuze has been working on recently. Using stock footage when making special effects is very helpful. When you can’t actually blow up a car, you do it in post. If the explosion doesn’t look real however, the shot is unbelievable. That is where VidMuze comes in. We rented a Red Epic camera to shoot VFX plates at 4K resolution and up to 120 fps. The reason for this was because since the market seems to be going into the direction of 4K, there needs to be some plates that are shot at 4K as well. Nothing looks worse than a scene shot at a high resolution and then inserting an explosion that doesn’t quite match up. Mike Gentilini Jr. at VidMuze realized that this was a need in the Filmaking and VFX community and took it upon himself to produce this visual effects library.

Like I said, we shot with the Red Epic cinema camera and for me, that was a first. It is truly a pleasure to work with such a nice piece of equipment. In addition we had a Red One on set as well shooting for additional content. It was frigid on both nights. The temperature was well into the 30’s but thankfully we had limited wind. I had an absolute blast getting to work for the first time with the Red Epic camera regardless of the cold weather.

Some things to look forward to in this 4K damage pack library are: Gas Explosions, Dirt Charges, Water Charges and much more. The release date hasn’t been announced yet but you can look forward to this library to be available sometime in the near future.

-Post written by Caleb Furrow

"RED ONE at Work"

RED ONE at work

On set with the Red Epic


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