After slaving over the Skyjib V2 octocopter build for three days, we finally customized everything the way we wanted. Then it was the moment of truth… the maiden voyage… a.k.a. the first flight. This is always my favorite part after building a multi rotor. Yes, it can be nerve racking because with all of the time and sweat we pour into these ships, yes we don’t want the ship flipping into a wrecked mess.

So after building everything carefully and triple checking the hardware and software, we were ready for the maiden voyage. Now the most important thing we tell people when flying a ship for the first time is, take it slow. Never build a multi rotor and mount the gimbal without testing the ship by itself first. Once you have the ship built… practice flying with no payload. Practice a lot. Practice every day if you can. You need to get the feel of the ship. See how she handles… make sure your gains are set high enough so she responds well.

After practicing for a while, then install some dumb bells… some dead weight of some kind. This is to test the ship and it’s endurance to the payload. Remember to set your C.G. (center gravity) and gains properly for this stage. Now the ship will handle differently with the payload. Start practicing with this extra weight. Again, hold off on installing the gimbal. If the ship was to crash… you’d want this to happen without the gimbal attached.

Once you’re comfortable with flying with your payload, then move to the final step of installing your gimbal. Remember to set your C.G. (center gravity) once again.

Happy flying… and practice practice practice.


Octocopter First Flight | Droidworx Skyjib V2



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