Nissan Spot | Eric Jackson

Back in October of 2017 we had a blast shooting a Nissan spot for director Steve Fisher, with world class kayaker, Eric Jackson.
We worked as the camera movement team and provided the gear needed to capture the moving shots.  Here’s a list of the gear we used on this shoot.

  1. Freefly Alta 8 drone
  2. Flow Cine Black Arm
  3. MoVI Pro gimbal with Ready Rig
  4. Red Scarlet-W w/ Canon L Series glass

We were able to shoot for four days in all sorts of amazing locations in Tennessee.  We shot near waterfalls, out in the country, lakes and even over fire pits!  The purpose of this shoot was to show Eric Jackson’s everyday life and he utilizes his Nissan Titan with his every day activities.  The Nissan Titan wasn’t the sole focus of the shoot, which I prefer.  It allows the story to be more believable and personable.  We always like working with filmmaker Steve Fisher too.  He’s a strong director who knows what shots will work for his vision.  We’re also given some creative freedom which gives us an opportunity to get more cinematic.

I’ve said this many times before, but it takes a synced team who are well trained with their gear, along with communication.  When flying a heavy lifter drone, there are a lot of moving parts.  The pilot and gimbal operator have to perform the “dance” when executing cinematic shots professionally and efficiently.  I’ve been flying drones for 6 years now, and there’s always room to improve the “dance.”

When using the black arm, it’s the same thing.  But this time, the dance requires three people.  Driver, gimbal operator and 1st AC (focus puller).  Creating content from a moving vehicle is always a blast.  When shooting the Nissan Titan, we had the black arm with camera mounted on both, front and rear of the follow vehicle (process vehicle).  Grabbing shots of the Nissan on the highway were great.  Coming down off a mountain at 60 mph with golden hour light, amazing stuff.

I’m proud of our team and how efficient we are with each piece of gear.  We utilize four main pieces of camera movement gear when we’re on the job,

  1. Alta 8 drones
  2. Black Arm
  3. Cable Cam
  4. Ground Gimbal

We’ve put ourselves through thousands of hours of training over the years, trying to perfect our cinematic imagery abilities.  This brings me to my last point, passion.  Your entire team needs to have passion about their own roles, as well as the project itself.  This job is not something we do to just clock in somewhere.  We don’t work to live, we live to work!

Be sure to check out our other work on our camera movement site.

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