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Freefly announced on November 2, 2016 their latest piece of camera movement gear… the MoVI Pro. Freefly went to town on the amount of improvements they made on this new gimbal. Now the MoVI Pro is going to replace the M10 and M15. Freefly is still going to sell the M5, but discontinue the M10 and M15. Now here are many reasons why we think the MoVI Pro is the best gimbal on the market today.


The overall design looks similar to the normal M15. Right off the bat you’re going to notice the wires are not hanging off the gimbal like we have on the M5, M10 or M15 MoVIs. This will help prevent cables from getting snagged on your surroundings. The depth compared to the M15 is slightly shorter. The M15’s depth or length is 203mm. The MoVI Pro has been shortened to 196mm. This is slightly less than 1/4 of an inch less depth. Not a big issue. The cage comparison on the M15 is 203mm (W) x 165mm (H), and the MoVI Pro is 200mm (W) x 175mm (H). This means we gained about 0.4 inches on the height of the cage. This will make those taller cameras like the Canon C100/300/500 series easier to mount.

The design overall is very clean. The dual tube system throughout the entire core makes the MoVI Pro look very rigid.

The weight is 5.84 lbs. which is only 0.44 lbs heavier then the M15.


movi-pro-sealed-motorsThe first improvement and I think the one a lot of us have been asking for is for stronger motors, especially the pan motor. The MoVI Pro runs on a 6S (22.2 volts) battery instead of the typical 4S (14.8 volts) battery. With the additional voltage and engineering, the pan motor has 2x the amount of torque. This is music to a drone operators ears, because this will allow us to fly at 50mph+ speeds without the pan motor giving out on those fast profile shots. This was always a huge issue with the M10’s and M15’s when carrying large cinema cameras like the Red or Alexa Mini. Also due to the additional power the MoVI Pro packs, all three axis motors react much faster now providing more stability in more extreme conditions while carrying heavy cameras. The motors are also weather sealed. So rain won’t be an issue.

6S Batteries

movi-pro-dual-batteries-hot-swapThe MoVI Pro comes equipped with 6S (22.2 v) 2,000 mAh proprietary batteries. The MoVI Pro runs two 6S batteries simultaneously for most battery capacity. You can also “hot swap” these batteries with the gimbal and camera still powered on. With having a total of 4 Ah worth of batteries, the MoVI Pro allows for powering certain cameras, HD downlinks, follow focus systems and additional accessories. This saves the overall weight by preventing us from needing to install an additional LiPo battery to power our cameras/accessories. The MoVI Pro supplies 11-14v D-Tap ports for powering cameras and other accessories. There’s also a 12v D-Tap on board for additional accessories.

3 Channel FIZ System

movi-pro-inverted-alta-8This is one of my more favorite features. The MoVI Pro includes an integrated system similar to the Wedge allowing us to install up to three FIZ (focus, iris, zoom) motors for pulling focus, iris and zoom control. Everything is included with the MoVI Pro except the motors. Red Rock motors appear to be the cheapest at around $600 per motor. Now those of you with the MoVI controller will have this 3 channel integration of goodness! This will be huge in the air, but certainly on the ground on film sets too!

Integration with MoVI Controller and Red Cameras

movi-pro-control-redOk this is my favorite feature yet! The ability to have full integration with controlling Red camera settings from the MoVI controller. Now we will have the ability to control Red camera’s settings remotely, not to mention even trigger playback. Imagine the time savings of playing back a short second clip while the Alta is still in the air. If the shot wasn’t to the director’s liking, just do it again. You won’t have to come home to land. This saves time and battery power. Amazing convenience!

Tuning and Boot Up Times

The tuning of any M5, M10 or M15 has been around 90 seconds. Not horribly long, but certainly a process on set that we wished took less time. Ask and you shall receive… now tuning takes only 10 seconds on the MoVI Pro. Then of course we have our standard boot up times of 10-30 seconds with the older MoVIs. The MoVI Pro boots up in an amazing 2 seconds. Now we’re not only excited about this because of the time savings, but because of the ability to boot up so quickly for when the shot requires it. We’ve been caught with the MoVI off, waiting for an eternity for the MoVI to boot and you may have even missed the shot. Unwanted stress! Now having a 2 second boot up time sounds like a much calmer set life for a gimbal operator.


We’ve always known Freefly to be the best gimbal and drone manufacturer in the camera movement specialist industry, and the pricing was always on the steep side. But you get what you pay for in this industry. We were very pleased to learn that the MoVI Pro is listed for $6500. The aerial bundle is only $6350. With this price point, Freefly will be making a lot more sales for sure!

Where to Buy

We at VidMuze are proud to be Freefly Dealers and sell all Freefly Products. So head on over to our shop and purchase the MoVI Pro.

MoVI Pro Ground Bundle

MoVI Pro Aerial Bundle


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  • Kuku Khan

    This product Movi Pro proved that this is simply beter
    All the DOP and the director who wants to capture creative shots in easy way they can say that “dreams comes true” Movi pro is best

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