MoVI Controller Setup

Most aerial companies that I have found always mount the MoVI controller to either a tripod or a camera cart. A lot of times when we’re flying our drones, we need to remain mobile. It seems that half of our aerial shoots entail hiking down some mountain ravine where we need to keep hauling gear to a minimum. With that being said, we do all that we can to main as mobile as possible.

So we now needed to make the MoVI controller as mobile as possible. Now before the MoVI controller, we used to use RC transmitters for controlling gimbal. We made good use out of the SeCraft radio trays. Naturally, we wanted to see if we could make the MoVI controller work on this same radio tray.

After tweaking for a few hours, we were able to modify the SeCraft tray to house the MoVI controller, a V-Mount battery, a SmallHD monitor and a Connex HD Downlink system. The V-Mount batteries typically would mount under the MoVI controller, but this allowed the entire system to be very front heavy. So we decided to mount the battery mount in the back and on top of the tray system. It’s a snug fit, but works great. We can mount either a 6 amp or 12 amp V-Mount battery which will last all day on the job.

I also had to extend the power cable from the IDX battery mount to the back of the MoVI controller. Not a big deal.

One of my favorite features about the MoVI controller is when powering the unit on, any accessories plugged into the 12 volt 2 pin lemo output will power on as well. We need to power both the DP7 SmallHD monitor and the Connex system. Now since a lot of our other work consists of filming on the ground on film sets, we’ve made all of our accessory connects D-Tap. This keeps our builds simple and holds to the industry’s standard. So we had the bright idea of creating a dual D-Tap female connectors to a 2 pin lemo connection. This allows us to take advantage of powering everything with the MoVI controller with on rocker switch.

Those of you who would like to purchase this custom cable, you can in our online store. We also make other customized cables.

  1. Dual D-Tap to 2 Pin Lemo
  2. Custom Cables

Another enhancement we made was to our Connex receiver antennas. The stock antennas are 2 db omnis. These are pretty minimal but still worked well overall. We upgrade these five antennas to 7 db dual band antennas. Reception is better at farther distances.

We hope this video was helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know down below.


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