Motocross racing from the air… filming aerials of this kind of action is so much fun! We went to Lakeside MX, (Taylors, SC) and were able to film the dirt bike riders practicing their racing and jumping skills.

The guys over at Lakeside MX were cool! If any of you need an awesome track to practice on in Upstate SC, check them out for sure.

We also had the privilege of having Gibbons, with Michael Gibbons Media by our side to capture some awesome action stills. Check out his stuff now… as in right NOW!

The motocross racing track was wet down to help give the riders traction, but by the second hour, we were filming in a dust bowl. This was a great challenge. The last thing you want all over your multi rotor is dust. This will burn your motors out eventually. But after wiping off the camera lens a few times, we were back up to film some more “epic-ness.”

The terrain was another added layer of stress. When filming aerial cinematography, 99.9% of the time, the ship stays above you, not below. There were several times when the craft was 50ft below us at the bottom of the hill. Lovely thoughts of wondering if we were going to slam into the side of the hill. This will keep you alert. Several times we even needed Ryan to “catch” and “receive” the multi rotor to help minimize hard landings on uneven terrain. This also helped keep the dust level down. Thanks Ryan for saving the day!

The worst part of the day was the wind… blowing at a whopping 10-15 MPH! If we were using an octocopter, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but this kind of wind was pushing the limits for the DJI S800.

Over all the day was a success. We got the shots we needed and no crashes.

If you want to hire us to shoot aerials for your production, feel free to contact us through our aerial website.



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Motocross Racing Aerial Footage | Dirt Bikes


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