Luke Combs – When It Rains It Pours

We had a blast shooting the aerials for Luke Combs’ latest music video, “When It Rains It Pours!”

The shooting location was near Charleston, SC called Isle of Palms.  It was a great place to shoot.  Some nice scenics for sure.

One of the best things about this shoot was that we were able to shoot with long lenses and shallow depth of field.  The Director of Photography, Tyler Adams with TA Films loves to shoot shallow with long lenses to create that cinematic parallax effect.  This is one of our specialties at VidMuze Aerial Cinema, LLC.

It takes a lot of practice and rehearsals (off set) for myself as pilot and Ryan my gimbal operator, to execute these types of shots.  We enjoy shooting with 50mm or longer lenses and shallow depth when we can.  Ryan handles pulling focus while operating.  This is a big challenge.  If the shot becomes too complex, Ryan will have a 1st AC pull focus for him.  A lot of moving parts.

We flew the Canon C300 MII, while A Cam was the Alexa Mini.  The Canon held up well and matched nicely in the final edit.  The overall weight of the entire gimbal setup was 16.3 lbs.  This included the Canon camera, Canon or Zeiss cinema primes, FIZ (focus, iris zoom) and HD downlink.  We used our Alta 8 which performed flawlessly.

In Luke’s music video, there was one tricky shot that required us to orbit around a show boat with Luke and his friends up on the second deck.  We used a 100mm Zeiss lens and shot at T2.1 for extreme shallow depth.  I as the drone pilot had to carefully orbit at a slow and stable speed while not distancing myself from Luke to help Ryan keep things in focus.  It only takes a matter of seconds for Ryan and I to get our timing down and become in sync with the orbit and camera movement.  Once the process is done correctly, the outcome is pretty nice.

Another location I really enjoyed was the jet skis scene.  We took a boat to get there and we flew 50mm for the entire scene.  I was blown away at how well the MoVI Pro performed.  Flying low, between 30-50 mph, chasing Luke Combs on a jet ski.  Come on, that’s just awesome, right?

It was great working with Sony Entertainment and its always great working with TA Films!

If you’re needing professional aerial cinematography for your productions, feel free to hit us up today.  We can be reached directly on our aerial site.  Contact VidMuze Aerial Cinema, LLC.

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