iPhone 7 Plus Review

In this iPhone 7 Plus review, I’m going to cover five main reasons why I chose the iPhone 7 Plus verses other phones. Here they are in order of importance.

01. Battery Life

As a camera operator, gimbal operator and drone pilot, I have proprietary apps that I need to use to make setting changes for our Red camera, gimbals and drones. This means that I’m constantly using my iPhone throughout the day… a lot. My last phone was an iPhone 6, and the battery capacity was really limiting. I would have to recharge throughout the day multiple times. Now, I do have a backup iPad that I would use when needed, but having my iPhone last all day is way more convenient. The iPhone 7 Plus has almost doubled my run time. Huge improvement!

iphone-7-plus-screen-size-202. Screen Size

I was concerned a bit going from a 4.7” screen to a 5.5” screen. Wasn’t sure if the iPhone 7 Plus was going to fit in my pocket well enough either. Thankfully it fits fine. Having a slim case also helps. I will mention if you have small hands, you may need to use two hands when navigating on the phone 7 plus. Having the extra screen real-estate is a plus in addition to the screen being 25% brighter outdoors.

vidmuze-film-set03. Dual Camera Lenses

Yes, I love shooting films, but I also enjoy shooting BTS video and photos. In the past, when I wanted to use a tighter lens with the iPhone, my only option was to pinch to zoom. Don’t care who you are, digital zoom is for the birds. This provides a digital zoom with crops in on the sensor and degrades the image quality overall. The iPhone 7 Plus has two different camera lenses, a 28mm and a 56mm. This definitely makes for better BTS videos and photos when on set.

04. Elements Protection

I feel like 80% of the time when on set, I’m either covered in dust or caught in the rain. Having the comfort that the iPhone 7 Plus is sealed to prevent water and dust from getting in, is a huge peace of mind.

05. Storage

I decided to go with the 256 GB iPhone version… overkill? Maybe. The fact that I can now record 4K video footage will eat up a lot of memory. I feel like I’m always shooting some BTS video for our VidMuze fans and you can never have too much storage.

I hope these reasons were helpful for you guys, and will help you decide which iPhone is best for you to use when on the job. Hope you enjoyed this iPhone 7 plus review.

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