How People Reacted | Panthers Stadium

We’ve been shooting for several different projects at the Panthers Stadium in Charlotte, NC over the last several weeks.  This last shoot we got to work with Whatnot Films.

The shoot was simple, to get killer shots at night at the Panthers Stadium.  We shot on Alexa Mini and flew our Freefly Alta 8.

Flying drones at night has its challenges.  With limited visibility, its like flying in a different world.  This is where your pilot and visual observer need to be on point with flight plans and communication.  Thankfully we know the Panthers Stadium fairly well and the stadium lights helped quite a bit.  The challenge was flying outside the stadium where visibility was much less.  Like anything, careful planning and safety will get the job done well.

My favorite part about this shoot was having the privilege of filming for the first time, the Panthers logo which was freshly painted on their field for the first time.  The footage looked epic too!

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