awesome_vidmuzeWe’ve been working around the clock, non-stop shooting aerials for many clients over the last few months. It’s been exhausting at times, but still an awesome ride!

redbull_dreamline_aerial_vidmuzeSome of our more exciting clients have been MSI Productions with RedBull Dreamline. Yes, it’s cool enough watching world professional BMX bikers rip down a mountain and blasted off a ramp while performing some insane tricks in the air. But to be able to film this insanity from the air… let’s just say it will always put a smile on my face.

There were 3,000 Red Bull fans that came out for the event, which only makes capturing aerials even more satisfying. With drones (a.k.a. multi rotors) still being somewhat of a novelty for most, it’s always fun to fly in front of a crowd of people, only to hear them get super excited as we blast high into the sky.

biltmore_house_aerial_vidmuzeAnother great shoot was working at the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina. A few facts about this house for those of you who have not heard about it before. First off… it’s fricken huge! 250 rooms alone are in this house! Gargantuan galore!!! This includes 34 bed rooms and only 43 bathrooms. I’d love to know what their water bill is. The Biltmore House even has it’s own indoor swimming pool, along with it’s own bowling alley. Pretty insane!

We had the privilege of shooting there for two days. We where shooting photography for a magazine. I can’t wait to shoot there again! Awesome place!

cool_clients_vidmuzeThere were many other incredible locations we were able to shoot aerials over the recent months! This is what makes our job so enjoyable. Every day is different along with every location. The ability to create film while utilizing nature’s beauty, awesome people and insane aerial equipment, along with working with the best clients, is what gives us the best job in the world…at least in my opinion.

vidmuze_epicWe continue getting lots of questions, asking how do we film our epic aerial cinematography. We’ll be showing and explaining many of these details as time moves on. As technology continues to change every day it seems, there’s always something to new to teach! Those of you wanting to get into aerial cinema, you’ll want to check out our multi rotor tutorial series. There’s plenty of valuable info to start with there.

Soon we’ll be posting more about our new Droidworx X8. The Beast of the skies! Until then, happy flying and please… don’t drink and drone!






Epic Aerial Cinema Reel


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