We are proud to announce that we have produced and released the world’s first Multi Rotor Tutorial Series for Filmmakers. We’ve been noticing over the last few years, that multi rotors (or drones) are becoming really popular, especially in the film industry. The market is exploding with quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters. Millions of dollars are being spent in this industry every year and it keeps growing.

This is all great news, but we’re seeing a flaw. With all of the drones being purchased, customers are not receiving the proper flight or cinematography training, therefore resulting in crashes, property damage, personal injury or worse yet, injury to innocent bystanders. Many folks don’t realize that drones in the cinema world are not toys, but complex tools. A tool that requires much responsibility, training and professionalism to operate successfully.

Our goals with our drone tutorials are to give drone users the necessary knowledge to be able to fly safely, responsibly and successfully. In addition to flying safely, users need to know how to capture cinematic imagery utilizing these drones. Knowing how to operate cinematic cameras to capture the best possible imagery can take years of experience. There’s quite a learning curve to operating a drone while shooting with a cinema camera. With our many years of RC and filmmaking experience, we have taken our knowledge and have channeled it into our video tutorial series.

When users invest $299 in our video tutorial series, they will have the ability to save thousands of dollars on equipment mistakes, failsafe malfunctions and most importantly property damage or personal injury.

[button link=”” style=”download” color=”orange” window=”yes”] Click here to learn more and purchase our drone video tutorial series.[/button]

At this point, we’re asking businesses to help spread the news of our new tutorial series so that others can be educated on drone flight and aerial cinematography and help keep this incredible industry safe. We have created an affiliate program in which RC drone and film companies can participate in and earn a commission on each series that they sell. Click here to learn more about how you can become an [button link=”” size=”small” style=”download” window=”yes”]VidMuze affiliate. [/button]

Thanks for checking out our new products. We couldn’t do it without your help and support.

Also, if you’re needing aerial cinematography for any of your productions, feel free to contact us by clicking on the image below.


Multi Rotor Tutorial Series for Filmmakers | Drones


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