Drone Tutorial Series for Filmmakers v2.0

It’s been a long journey, however after almost 5 months, we finally finished our Drone Tutorial Series for Filmmakers v2.0!

drone-tutorialsAs many of you know, we’ve been in the film industry for over 15 years, and once heavy lifters became a reality to fly heavy cinematic cameras for features, our cinematic abilities have become unlimited!

We’ve been flying drones for over 4 years now. With technology always changing and improving, there’s always something new to learn. The drone industry has been exploding in a good way, however there’s so much for companies to learn when just starting out. This is where our drone tutorial series can be an asset to your droning abilities. We have two different drone series available.

Do You Really Need It?

Many of you are probably asking the question, “Do I really need this tutorial series?” Let me try to give you an answer.

drone-training-vidmuzeWhen I first got started in aerial cinematography over 4 years ago, I had hundreds of questions, and no one was there to answer those questions. There were no tutorials, hardly any instructions and definitely no professional advice. This left me guessing and assuming which sadly led me to the wrong answers a lot of the time. This cost me unwanted expenses along with lost time. Certainly the “hard way” to learn things.

vidmuze-filmmakersNow with my 17 years of RC experience, and 4 years of professional aerial cinematography, along with our teams’ 15 years of filmmaking experience, we have learned an incredible amount of information in the drone industry.

We’ve now taken our knowledge and preserved it in a deliverable video format for drone companies needing to learn how to be professional. So the hundreds of questions that you will have since you’re just starting out in the drone industry, can finally be answered!

Heavy Lifters: Freefly Systems Alta

Our first series has been tailored towards heavy lifters, featuring the Freefly Systems Alta.

There are many companies that offer hands on drone training. As you can imagine, this is great for a lot of companies, however it can get really expensive. Companies can charge anywhere from $1000 – $2500 for only 1-3 days of training. If you’re just starting out with drones, we would say this type of training is a must! Learning to fly takes time and patience. Once you’ve mastered how to fly your drone professionally and safely, you’ll be ready to learn the advance techniques of flight, drone maintenance, cinematography, camera settings, gimbal building and the list goes on! This is where our tutorial series comes in!

Our series covers 4 different categories:

  1. Pre-Production & Team Planning
  2. Piloting
  3. Gimbal Operation
  4. Safety

This series includes over 175 individual video tutorials. This includes 6 hours of HD video content! Our tutorials are hosted on our servers so that you can access them anywhere in the world. This series retails at $399. We’re currently running a 10% discount sale for the next two weeks which brings the price down to $359. You can learn more about the series here!

DJI Inspire

Inspire_tutorialsOur second series has been tailored towards the DJI Inspire. The Inspire is a great quad to begin working as a two man team for the pilot and gimbal operator. There’s a lot to learn about coordination between the pilot and gimbal op and working as one to complete a professional and cinematic shot. Our series explains and shows how to execute these aerial moves as a team.

The Inspire series includes 136 tutorials which includes 4 hours of HD tutorials. This series retails for $249, but is on sale for the next two weeks and is only $224. Learn more here!

Access to Tutorials

vidmuze-drone-portalHere at VidMuze, we have done our best to deliver these tutorials to our customers as securely and easily as possible. We have developed a VidMuze Portal that allows for our customers to purchase access to the Drone Tutorial Series. Each customer has the ability to register up to 2 devices (PC/Mac or Mobile Devices) with their account. This gives our customers the flexibility to view tutorials out in the field on a mobile device if they desire.

Because we strive to keep our content dynamic and fresh, our Portal also gives us the ability to add more tutorials and important information regarding new equipment down the road.



Click links below to purchase Tutorial Series.

Drone Tutorial Series – Alta

Drone Tutorial Series – Inspire

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