Why Drone Pilots Need a Reference Monitor

Today’s drone tip is going to explain why a drone pilot for aerial cinema needs to have a reference monitor.

Those of you who don’t know, a reference monitor is a video feed in front of the pilot that shows the shot from the gimbal.

Now as a drone pilot, I fly by LOS (line of sight) and via FPV (first person view) as a reference. I have found having a reference monitor with the camera’s video feed, helps me get the camera where it needs to be or keep the camera where it needs to be.

Your gimbal operator is most likely not going to know what orientation you’re flying at, and instead of them giving you instructions such as more left or right, you as the pilot should be able to glance at the shot, and based on your flights orientation, adjust accordingly.

Another benefit to having a reference monitor is it prevents you from having to glance over at your gimbal ops monitor or video village to sneak a peak. This is distracting and can add more risk to your drone. I have both of my monitors side by side, so glancing is very quick and easy.

A word of warning… never use the reference monitor to fly by!  If you use the reference monitor to fly by, this can cause you to lose orientation and crash your drone.

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