Show and Tell Drone Gear – FB Live


We always receive a lot of questions about what drone gear do we use when out in the field.  Folks also like to ask how do we have our drone gear setup.

We went ahead and broadcasted a Facebook Live session recently showing everyone a general overview of our gear.  Here’s the drone gear that we covered:

  1. MoVI Pro – The MoVI Pro is Freefly Systems’ latest gimbal camera stabilizer.  This gimbal system is replacing all of their other gimbals (M5/M10 & M15).  The MoVI Pro is definitely the best piece of drone gear that’s available for now.  We’ll be doing more videos on the MoVI Pro in the near future.  Lots of cool things to show.
  2. MoVI Controller – The Freefly System company comes from a cinema background and they have done a great job at making their gear very streamline and their ECO system is top notch.  The MoVI Controller gives our gimbal operator a lot of flexible control on camera movement.  This includes allowing for cinematic movement along with controlling Red (start/stop recording, settings, image settings & playback).
  3. FIZ – Focus, Iris Zoom – Having integrated FIZ on the MoVI Pro is what makes this system shine above the others.  Having the MoVI Controller support controlling FIZ is a breath of fresh air when on set.
  4. Alta – The Freefly System Alta is the latest drone gear on the market.  They come in two flavors, the Alta 6 (hexacopter) and the Alta 8 (octocopter).  Both of these drones are heavy lifters.  The Alta 6 can lift up to 15 lbs payload and the Alta 8 can lift up to 20 lbs.
  5. Ear Tec – Full Duplex Headsets – We also showed off Ear Tec’s hands free headsets that allow for the up to 4 users to connect and talk together like one big phone conference call.  The headsets work great on set and can reach up to 1000 ft LOS (line of sight) of the Master headset (hub).  They work wonders when on set.

One of the main points of this video is to engage with the drone community.  We enjoy answering folks’ questions since droning is our passion.  So if any of you have any drone gear questions, feel free to comment below.

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook so that you can notified the next time we stream Live.

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