DJI Phantom Video Review

I only learned of the DJI Phantom back in November, and being a filmmaker, I was interested to see how well the Phantom would carry the GoPro to film aerial video. So I contacted the guys over at DSLR Pros and they sent me the new DJI Phantom.
dji_phantomOnce it arrived, I opened it up and right away I could see the build and materials used were only that of high quality. The body had a slick design that made the DJI Phantom look pretty swanky. I first had some doubts at it’s small size, but after a few test flights, I was convinced of the DJI Phantom ‘s performance.

So what’s so great about this drone? Well, the internal components is what got me so excited. The DJI Phantom is equipped with a gyro, GPS and compass. These three tools combined make the drone extremely easy to fly, along with some really cool controlling features.

You can mount a GoPro Hero 1, 2 or 3. Naturally the Hero 3 would be the best because of it’s 2.7K video recording capabilities.

The DJI Phantom comes with a simple mount for the gopro. My only disappointment was that a gimbal was not included. With the mount connected directly to the body of the Phantom, this will create more vibration and shakiness in your footage. But after having enough flight experience, you can get some pretty sweet footage on a calm day.
As a filmmaker, I was super excited at the decent footage that one can capture with the DJI Phantom. This quadcopter is literally like a steadicam on crack! Also, if you’re wanting to get an exact shot, you’re going to need to add a FPV (First Person View) Kit to the DJI Phantom, such as a Fat Shark kit. This will allow you to connect a wireless video transmitter to the gopro, and it will send the video signal to goggles that the pilot wears. You then would be able to see a live video feed of what the gopro is filming in realtime.

So what’s the price for this flying piece of glory? It’s currently listed for only $679.00 USD. For all that the DJI Phantom offers, I was blown away at this price!

Be safe and don’t drink and fly!

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  1. I agree with the fact that FAA impose legal guidelines against utilizing best quadcopters similar to the DJI Inspire or Phantom for industrial intentions. The important aim for this guideline is the majority of the aerial photographers capture images and footages without requesting permit from specific authorities.

    A good instance is which you require to “get in touch with the airfield or port whilst flying around five miles near this zone” which the majority of does not do. Nevertheless, this limit can be rejected in case users stick with all of the FAA guidelines. I do not how feasible it is.

    For more details on their guidelines look at the drone flight rules below.×1024-578×1024.png

  2. Agree with your review, Mike, love my DJI Phantom.
    Cool to see the thoughts on the DJI Phantom from a film makers point of view.
    By the way, there are versions out now of the Phantom for GoPro with the gimbal included.

  3. why would these people create a quadcopter for a gopro and mess it up so that the gopro wifi interferes? is there any quadcopter out there that will let you use gopro and use the gopro wifi functionality (obviously this is needed to see what you are actually filming) cheers

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  5. hi there,
    iam planing buy a quad copter and a sootable video recording camera + i shold be able remotly change camera angle and view what i record in camera, real time.. also the quadcopter should be able to return to the radio range by itself if it goes out of range.( range should be pretty wide though) can any one suggest the best option for me?

  6. I have an Intova HD 1080 and I’m trying to install it.
    Im having trouble with the mounting kit for gopro for this intova camera.
    Do I have to have another mounting kit for this camera?IF so where do I buy it?

  7. sorry, noob question – how can i take a picture with the gopro during flight? any chances to set the trigger via the remote, or do i have to extract the pictures from the video?
    thx for a reply!

    1. I would setup the self timer on the gopro and set it to take a photo over 1,2,3,5, etc seconds. There is not a switch or shutter button that I know of as of now.

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  9. great review, thanks for sharing…question…can you use it with the GoPro housings? most of my work is on and around the water so housing is a must..thanks for your time. Jason

    1. Yeah Jason you can, but this will add weight to the craft, resulting in less flying time. You may have to adjust the center point of the mount as well, so that it doesn’t off balance the Phantom.

  10. Greetings,
    What do you recommend for FPV kit and was is a ‘leaf’ antenna. I am new to video. How does Fat Shark work? If you are wearing goggles to see the video feed, how can you see to fly the quadcopter?

  11. How about the Jello in the video from the GoPro vibration? I use a VGE No Jello Phantom Mount to attach my camera with.

  12. Great review… I’m about to purchase one myself. Just a
    note though if you are in the U.S.A, I believe at the moment it’s
    against FAA regulations to use these for commercial purposes.
    Double-check on that yourself, but that’s what I’ve heard. I’m in
    Canada, there’s some heavy rules here, but it is possible to use
    them legally for commercial purposes.

    1. Yes, using these in the U.S. for commercial purposes is currently illegal by FAA rules. If not, I would get one in a heartbeat!

      1. I agree thatf FAA has legal laws & restrictions against using quadcopters such as dji phantom for commercial purposes especially inside us. The main reason for this law is most of the short-film makers in us take aerial photos and videos without ask permission from relevant authorities. A best example is that you need to “do contact the airport or control tower when flying within 5 miles of the airport” which many doesn’t do. However, it the restriction could be withheld if people cooperate with all FAA rules. I don’t know how possible this is for someone to follow. For detailed information on more FAA quadcopter rules check-out the image here –×1024.png

  13. I just picked up the GoPro 3 and have not experimented with
    the GoPro ap – However, I think the ap receives the video feed from
    the camera (via wi-fi) and shows you what the camera is looking at.
    I wonder if this will work (what is the range of the wi-fi) instead
    of strapping on another camera for video feed such as Fat Shark.
    Never used the Fat Shark (or heard of it), but if you are wearing
    goggles, how are you going to see where your quadcopter rig is
    flying? Great review!

    1. The wifi is not good for a few reasons… First there’s about a 4 second delay with the Hero 3 and wifi has about a 100 ft range. You’d be a lot better of with a FPV kit with a leaf antenna. Video feed is in real time and a lot further range.

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