DJI Phantom Video Review

I only learned of the DJI Phantom back in November, and being a filmmaker, I was interested to see how well the Phantom would carry the GoPro to film aerial video. So I contacted the guys over at DSLR Pros and they sent me the new DJI Phantom.
dji_phantomOnce it arrived, I opened it up and right away I could see the build and materials used were only that of high quality. The body had a slick design that made the DJI Phantom look pretty swanky. I first had some doubts at it’s small size, but after a few test flights, I was convinced of the DJI Phantom ‘s performance.

So what’s so great about this drone? Well, the internal components is what got me so excited. The DJI Phantom is equipped with a gyro, GPS and compass. These three tools combined make the drone extremely easy to fly, along with some really cool controlling features.

You can mount a GoPro Hero 1, 2 or 3. Naturally the Hero 3 would be the best because of it’s 2.7K video recording capabilities.

The DJI Phantom comes with a simple mount for the gopro. My only disappointment was that a gimbal was not included. With the mount connected directly to the body of the Phantom, this will create more vibration and shakiness in your footage. But after having enough flight experience, you can get some pretty sweet footage on a calm day.
As a filmmaker, I was super excited at the decent footage that one can capture with the DJI Phantom. This quadcopter is literally like a steadicam on crack! Also, if you’re wanting to get an exact shot, you’re going to need to add a FPV (First Person View) Kit to the DJI Phantom, such as a Fat Shark kit. This will allow you to connect a wireless video transmitter to the gopro, and it will send the video signal to goggles that the pilot wears. You then would be able to see a live video feed of what the gopro is filming in realtime.

So what’s the price for this flying piece of glory? It’s currently listed for only $679.00 USD. For all that the DJI Phantom offers, I was blown away at this price!

Be safe and don’t drink and fly!

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