DJI Phantom GoPro Filmmaking Kit

Features Included:

  • Ready to fly
  • Stabilizing flight controls
  • GoPro Mount
  • Two flight modes
  • Intelligent Orientation Control
  • Charger included

Where to buy?



The DJI Phantom quadcopter brings a whole new perspective to your filmmaking projects. This kit comes almost ready to fly right out of the box. After installing the props, 4 AA batteries into the remote controller and giving the LiPo battery a quick charge, you’ll be in the air in seconds. As a fellow filmmaker, I always want to use gear that is quick and easy to setup. Certainly when it comes to flying, I want something simple but very effective to fly. The DJI Phantom is the easiest flying system that I’ve every used.

dji_phantomSo why is the Phantom so easy to fly? The short answer, modern technology. With a GPS and compass on board, along with an accelerometer and some software, makes this multi rotor a snitch to operate. Bottom line, all of this technology makes the Phantom pretty much idiot proof.


So can you install any camera on the Phantom? No, this kit comes with a gopro mount which allows you to mount your choice of the Hero 1, 2 or 3.

hero2How long can this multi rotor stay in the air? On a full battery charge, you can get between 8-10 minutes of flight time depending on how you fly with the stock battery. You can get longer flight times with larger batteries.


Can the Phantom hold a video transmitter so that you can use a monitor or some first person view video goggles? Yes, the Phantom can fly with it’s battery, a video transmitter and a gopro. However, you can improve the overall performance by upgrading the stock props with some carbon fiber props.

e-propThe Phantom is quite stable in the air and gives you some impressive footage right our of the box. However, you will want to purchase the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal. This is a 2 axis gimbal that is built to connect perfectly with the Phantom. This gimbal will allow you to maximize the professional use of the Phantom.


This gimbal works together with the Phantom internal brain. It basically works like a gyro. It will balance your camera perfectly even when the Phantom moves from the wind or even turning, the gimbal will compensate the opposite movement to maintain pure camera stability. Will this gimbal work with the Hero 1 or 2? No, this gimbal is only compatible with the GoPro Hero 3.



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