Connex Antenna Upgrade – FB Live

During this Facebook Live session we discussed Connex antenna upgrades to improve the overall range of the Connex system.

I wanted to mention that we have tested both Teradek and Paralinx HD downlink systems, and for the range, the Connex system is the way to go for aerial drone platforms.

Our gimbal operator’s setup includes a Connex downlink, along with either a SmallHD DP7 or 703 monitor.  The Connex antenna upgrade consists of changing out the 5x omni (2 db) antennas for 5x dual band (6 db) antennas.  They can be purchased on  The link is below.

Another side note, we’ve noticed that it’s best to mount the Connex receiver away from other electronics and accessories.  When the receiver was close to a DP7 monitor, the range was limited quite a bit.  This is where using a Ram arm, similar to a node arm, will work quite well when mounting everything to the MoVI Controller.

The next Connex antenna upgrade I recommend is on the transmitter itself.  The stock antennas that come with the transmitter are limiting from our extensive testing.  We went ahead and installed a “T” mount bracket to the transmitter.  The mount also has antenna connectors that converts the MMCX connections to SMA connections.  This then allows you to easily mount cloverleaf or mushroom antennas to the Connex transmitter.

When you use the Connex system at it’s highest image quality, you’re able to get about 1000 ft LOS before your signal starts to drop.  With the Connex antenna upgrades we did to both the transmitter and receiver, we’re now getting around 1600 ft LOS with excellent image quality and reception.

If you guys have more questions, comment down below.  I’ve also included a list of where to buy the upgrade parts.

Items to Purchase:

  1. Dual Band Antennas
  2. Ram Arms and Parts
  3. Cloverleaf Antennas
  4. “T” mount (convert MMCX to SMA)


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