The CineSpider is a piece of equipment that can step up your production value to the next level. We’ve all seen the fast paced car chasing scenes where the camera is mounted to a moving vehicle for those “insane” shots. This obviously needs to be done in the safest way for the camera equipment’s sake, as well as keeping the nearby crew safe.

Rigging cameras to a moving vehicle can be tricky, dangerous and expensive. With cinema cameras being fairly heavy (30+ lbs.), this only adds to the complexity of mounting these types of cameras to a vehicle. Those of us with smaller cameras can get away with more versatility due to the camera’s size and weight.

After testing the CineSpider for several weeks, I was impressed with it’s versatility and how well it held up during the driving tests. I used the Canon 7D camera along with a 17-70mm Sigma lens. The test footage results were superb!
cinespider-camera-rigThe CineSpider takes between 5-10 minutes to mount your camera to your car. With it’s four durable suction cups, the CineSpider seems practically glued to your car. Once the CineSpider was mounted, I put about 70 lbs worth of my body weight on the rig, and it didn’t budge or slide at all. The strength is very comforting. Now, would I still tether the camera to the car? Yes, I always backup my gear with additional safety protection when shooting in dangerous or risky situations. I had the CineSpider mounted on both sides of my Jeep as well as the hood and no issues.

What’s the one word that I think of when working with the CineSpider?… Creativity. With all of the adjustable arms, you can angle your camera at just about any angle you can think of. This is perfect when shooting from a moving vehicle. You’re finally able to get that risky shot that most people would never try to get, safely.

Not only is the CineSpider flexible in the vehicle world, but you can also order four dolly wheels and convert the rig into a four or three wheel dolly system. Pretty impressive. You can mount your camera directly to the base plate or you can connect your 15mm rails system to the CineSpider.

Now, let’s go over the price. For the complete kit which includes the mount, all of the arms, four suction cups and four dolly wheels, the price is $420.00. Considering the quality of the parts as well as the versatility of the overall rig, I believe it’s a fair price. Remember quality is just as important as price.

If you want to order or learn more about the CineSpider, head over to Move Your Camera.



CineSpider Car Mount Review


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