Camera Movement Reel 2018

My team and I are really proud to release this year’s (2018) camera movement reel.  We had the privilege of working on a lot of amazing projects!

Whenever someone asks me what do I do for a living, I always break into a smile when I tell them, “I’m a camera movement specialist.”  Once they asked, “What’s that?”, I whip out my iPhone and queue the camera movement reel.  It’s so rewarding seeing people amazed by our work.  It gives me a large sense of accomplishment.

I like to say there’s three parts to this job:

  1. Team Work – Having the right team members who you trust is required to execute camera movement shots.  This includes flying $100,000 drones in difficult locations, suspending cable cams across mountain ravines, racing 70 MPH with a $80,000 camera package mounted to a vehicle, or operating a ground gimbal while running towards a cliff’s edge.  You have to trust team 100%, to the max!
  2. Pro Gear – You’ve heard it before, a lot of people think as long as they have the expensive camera, that makes them the world’s best cinematographer.  Wrong!  It’s not just about having the expensive gear, but having the knowledge, experience and ability to use it professionally.
  3. Creativity – Creativity coincides with having pro gear.  You need to have the experience and knowledge to know what creative shot works, and then have the knowledge to execute that shot, efficiently, creatively and safely.

So what are the tools we use to create various kinds of camera movement?

  1. Drones – We only fly heavy lifter drones.  This includes Freefly Systems Alta 8’s.  Since we only fly heavy camera packages such as Red and Alexa Mini, we need dependable and flexible drones to get the job done.  Alta drones are tailored towards cinema.  They supply the movement and performance needs to execute epic shots.
  2. Cable Cam – There’s always a time and place for everything.  We use cable cams when we can’t practically or safely fly a drone.  Knowing that cable cams can be somewhat limiting, if they’re used in the right environment, the results are insanely awesome.  Parallaxing and long lenses are your cable cam’s best friends.
  3. Vehicle Mounts | Black Arm – Vehicles are a huge asset in the camera movement world.  We use FlowCine’s Black Arm to stabilize most of the vertical movement when using a gimbal on a vehicle.  This becomes most useful during off road shots, or fast moving shots.
  4. Ground Gimbal | We only use Freefly gimbals.  Yes, I know this probably makes us Freefly Fan boys, but from all the gimbals we’ve used and tested over the years, Freefly’s gimbals are still the best in our opinion.  We’re using 2x MoVI Pro gimbals.  One has been modified to mount heavy lenses and the second is used for lighter cinema packages.

You can check out our camera movement site to learn more about us.  VidMuze Aerial Cinema.  For bookings, you can email us directly.

Just wrapped a 4 day shoot with director, Steve Fisher and world class paddler, Eric Jackson.

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