VidMuze was created back in 2012 to help advance and train filmmakers and drone operators. Here at VidMuze we provide knowledge from our own filmmaking and droning experiences.  We offer tutorials (free and paid) on how we use and operate gear out on film sets.  We also include a lot of behind the scenes photos and videos showing our experiences.

Our job title is “camera movement specialists.”  This includes pro aerial cinematography, gimbal operating (MoVI Operators), car mounting and other camera movement techniques.

Who Founded VidMuze?

Mike Gentilini, Jr. is the founder and owner of VidMuze Aerial Cinema, LLC. His love for cinema began at an early age. Mike has been a camera operator for feature films, commercials, music videos and educational productions since 2002. As Mike’s career progressed, he started advancing his abilities as a camera movement specialist. Once camera stabilizer gimbals become available for filmmakers, Mike started out as a MoVI Operator.

Back in 2012, Mike started piloting custom built drones, taking cinema cameras to the skies. He had been flying RC helicopters and RC fixed-wing planes since his teen years. With his filmmaking experience and his eye for cinematography, this keeps Mike to be in sync with his aerial team,  allowing them to capture the best possible cinematic shots.