Aerial Drones

Our aerial branch is VidMuze Aerial Cinema, LLC.  We have been flying heavy lifter drones since 2012.

We’re a team of filmmakers who enjoy the thrilling challenges of capturing cutting edge cinematic imagery through the use of remote drones.  We shoot aerials for feature length films, commercials, music videos, television and the web. 

Our focus is not only on the technology and tools of flight, but on capturing the highest quality content that captivates the audience.  We’re very passionate about our work and look forward to working with new clients.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts about your aerial cinema needs, you can call us directly at 828-338-9797.

Or you’re welcome to request a quote directly by email at:

To learn more about our work, feel free to check out our aerial site at:  VidMuze Aerial Cinema, LLC