We had a blast shooting our Multi Rotor Tutorial Series for Filmmakers in Charleston South Carolina recently. The weather was great for January. Some days were in the mid 60’s. Perfect for aerial cinematography.

The purpose of our trip was to film the three most important tutorials for our multi rotor tutorial series. We’re launching the series by March 1, 2014 so we have about one month left for wrapping up the last few tutorials as well as our post production.

We really think this series is going to be a big hit in the cinema industry since aerial cinematography is becoming so popular, so quickly. There’s so much to learn with aerial cinematography, and to be able to do it safely and professionally takes a lot of skill and knowledge. Personally, I’m fearful that with all of the multi rotors that are flooding the market, “aerial pilots” are not getting the proper training and professional experience that’s required to fly/film safely, and they could cause great injury to local bystanders, themselves or even property.

Our aerial team has well over 15 years of combined flying experience, in addition to over 50 years of combined filming experience. Who better to teach you aerial cinematography, right? 🙂 Our customers can pre-order the tutorial series at a discounted price now. However, this pre-order sale will end on March 1, 2014.


Aerial Cinematography Tutorial Series | Charleston SC


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