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  1. 24 Aerial and Film Tutorials
  2. Over 4.5 hours of professional techniques and training 
  3. Unlimited video playbacks
  4. Access to future tutorials and updates
  5. Private forums

Tutorials included:


  1. Introduction to Aerial Cinematography
  2. Regulations and Safety Rules
  3. Ship Assembly Overview
  4. Ship Component Optimization
  5. Radio Control Configurations
  6. Soldering Cables and Battery Connections
  7. How to Charge LiPo Batteries
  8. WooKong Software – Configuring, GPS & Updates
  9. iOSD Overview
  10. Fail Safe Systems
  11. Gimbal Control
  12. Monitors VS. FPV Goggles
  13. Transmitters and Interference Considerations
  14. When To Upgrade to a Larger Ship
  15. Travel Checklist
  16. Equipment VidMuze Uses
  17. Camera Settings Part #1, ISO, FPS, Shutter Speed & Data Rate
  18. Camera Settings Part #2, ND filters, Polarizer and Lenses
  19. Cinematic Camera Movement – The Art of Flying
  20. Team Planning and Execution of Shots
  21. Working with the Director and or DP
  22. Stabilizing Footage in Post
  23. Color correcting in Post
  24. Matchmove Tracking in Post


Check out our aerial demo reel below.


The multi-rotor industry is literally taking off, pun intended.  With so many multi-rotors being purchased for professional and hobby use, the learning curve is a rather long and tedious learning process that takes months to establish intermediate experience.  It will take the average person a year or more to perfect their flying and cinematography abilities.


Over the last year we’ve been receiving lots of emails from folks asking what do we do with our multi-rotors that allows us to capture a professional and cinematic look.  We thought it would be best to just show everyone what we do and that is why we have created the world’s first Multi-Rotor Tutorial Series for Filmmakers.

With over 58 combined years of filmmaking experience, our team has been producing and directing films for quite some time.  With our 22 years of combined RC experience, we have been able to learn a lot over the years about flying, what’s the best equipment to use, safety rules and regulations and a lot more.  The purpose of our tutorial series is to prepare aerial cinematographers for the real and professional world.  This series shows and teaches what works for us in the aerial cinema industry.  We have developed our own techniques which have been impressing our clients for years.

Safety rules and regulations is our #1 priority in the aerial cinema industry.  Many folks who fly don’t really seem to understand the risks and liabilities they are fully responsible for.  We show and explain what techniques to follow through our safety rules and explain how to minimize the risks of crashes and other disasters.


This tutorial series will show you a lot of the technicalities behind aerial cinema.  The purpose of this series is not to teach you how to fly.  We expect you to already know how to fly your ship without crashing it.  Our series focuses on how to combine the aerial and cinema industries together.


The Multi-Rotor Tutorial Series also addresses the distinctions of the various ship types from the quadcopters to the hexacopters to the “heavy lifters,” the octocopters.  Those of you starting out with a quadcopter will need to anticipate the next steps involved if and when you decide to upgrade to a hexacopter or even the octocopter.  We teach you what you’ll need to expect should you decide to take your aerial cinematography to the next level.


We also cover the differences between the various ship types from quadcopters to hexacopters to the “heavy lifters” octocopters.  Those of you starting out with a quadcopter will need to know what the next step is when upgrading to a hexacopter or even octocopter.  We show you what you need to expect as well as new things to learn.

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4 reviews for Drone Tutorial Series

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    I was really pleased with the production quality and the content of your tutorials. Well worth the price when you consider the costly mistakes that will be avoided at a result of watching the series. The tips and tricks the series has taught me will definitely stay will me over the coming moths as I kick off my aerial video/photography business. Great customer service as well!

  2. 4 out of 5


    Nicely done, but very very expensive and unfinished… parts:

    22. Stabilizing Footage in Post
    23. Color correcting in Post
    24. Matchmove Tracking in Post

    Are not there and, promising March 15 ( its 1. April now )

    • (verified owner):

      All tutorials have been completed.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Steve “SleepyC” Here from the multirotor channel. The Vidmuze guys did a great job on this tutorial series. I’m always a bit skeptical of “How to” videos but I have to honestly say I was very impressed. I really think that The Multi-Rotor Tutorial Series for Filmmakers can help everyone from a complete AV beginner to a pro photographer that is new to multirotors. Or even a pro multi-pilot new to pro-level cameras, the Vidmuze guys have it all covered. After viewing the series I have learned quite a bit about proper camera settings and the theory behind these settings. I was also reminded about a few safety checks that should always be done! Finally the segments on dealing with a director and DP, blocking your shots a head of time and really making a schedule are very usefull. The entire series is great because it not only covers the obvious stuff but deals with elements of the AV world that I’m sure many new pilots (or fairly experienced pilots) don’t usually think about! Well done guys, I’m bookmarking the page and will occasionally watch a few of the tutorials as a refresher!

    Thanks Vidmuze!
    Nice work!

  4. 5 out of 5


    A “must see” tutorial for anyone serious about getting into the multi-rotor film making business. They cover many aspects of the business in detail that you’ll never find watching YouTube tutorials. For me, this was a bargain!

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