DP4-EVF Monitor Review

The guys over at Small HD are really moving up in the cinema world with their professional field monitors.

I had the privilege to review their DP4-EVF monitor. This monitor packs quite a punch. If you’re a DSLR user and are in search of a small compact field monitor, look no further.

The first thing I was blown away with was the compact size and light weight of the DP4. It’s body is made of strong aluminum allowing it to last well in all sorts of conditions.

The screen size is 4.3 inches and has a resolution of 800 x 480. It has two inputs, HDMI and component.

After connecting a Canon 7D to the DP4, I was amazed at the clarity of this monitor. Vibrant colors, excellent black levels, yes this monitor has just made shooting twice as much fun!

The best part for me is the EVF Viewfinder. Once you connect the viewfinder and take a peek, you are fully absorbed. Your camera’s image is magnified very nicely revealing every detail of the picture. Racking focus while using the viewfinder is a blast. There isn’t a need to use a focus assistant magnification before recording each shot since the DP4 delivers you the image large enough so that there’s no doubt what’s in focus.

This monitor comes with a dual battery connection plate, allowing you to connect two LP-E6 Canon batteries which allows for up to 6 hours of monitor use. This will also help lengthen your camera’s battery life and keep the camera cool since your camera’s LCD is not powered on. Huge bonus right there. You can also power the monitor via a USB cable if need be.

There are only a few buttons on the exterior of the monitor body allowing you to quickly access the menu system and image assists. There is a 1/8″ headphone jack for audio monitoring via the HDMI port. My second favorite part of this monitor is the HDMI pass-through for a second HDMI monitor for the DP or director. Another “pro” feature!

The menu system has many pro features as well and is such a joy. More settings then most folks will know what to do with.

I currently have found two negative issues, but by no means are a deal breaker. First, since the body is so compact, and there’s so much digital processing going on inside, this generates some heat. However, the monitor still runs fine with no performance issues. Second, the monitor has a slight ghosting effect when you go from a bright image to a dark image, there can be a slight ghosting effect, but most people haven’t noticed. So again, not a big deal.

So in closing I can say that Small HD has done a killer job with their DP4-EVF monitor. It’s durable, professional, and just out right looks sexy.

The current price for this monitor kit is $699.00. I’ve seen other field monitors priced well over $1500, with only half the amount of features the DP4 has to offer.

So those of you who want something that will last, that’s light weight and will only enhance your video production, get a DP4-EVF. No seriously… get one.


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