MoVi Tips & Tricks Tutorial | HD Downlink


We’re constantly learning new and innovative ways to optimize our aerial cinematography gear.  Just wanted to share a few tips and tricks with you all. Remote Triggering Red Camera First tip, is Red Start/Stop cable for remote recording for the Red Dragon/Epic/Scarlet cameras.  Now why is remote start/stop so important in the aerial world?  When […]

4K Aerial Stock Footage | Now Available


Here at VidMuze, we’re all about epic aerial cinematography!  We’ve been flying drones professionally for almost three years now, lifting high end cinema cameras like the Red Epic and Red Dragon.  So much of the footage we have captured over the recent years is simply breath taking. We’ve now made this footage available for production […]

The Multi Rotor Safety Officer – Pt 3 (Maintaining the Ship & Spotting)


What is a multi rotor Safety Officer? What do they do? These are the questions I’m answering in my series “The Multi Rotor Safety Officer.” You can read part 1 or part 2 if you need to catch up, but otherwise let’s start with… Maintaining the Ship Ship maintenance is foremost the Pilot’s job, but […]

Hackintosh vs Mac


Hackintosh vs Mac:  Questions that are asked all of the time, “Is a hackintosh really better then an iMac or Mac Pro?”  The answer depends on two main things.  What kind of PC hardware are you using and was the OSX installed correctly?  Those of you who are wondering what a hackintosh is, it’s a […]

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